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Letter from Junji - Exryu Nisei Australia (*)

< Jan 12th 2007 >

Dear Friends,

I’m writing to us children of Ex-Ryu families just to share this wonderful privilege to take part in sending small New Year gifts to children in Vietnam.

I was notified, by the people of Ex-Ryu community that two large typhoons have swiped many small towns and villages of Vietnam. Many have lost their homes, parents, brothers and sisters. With what little they have left, they are about to start a new year with all these uncertainties and anxieties about their shelter, food and future.

Our experiences of New Year would have been full of festive atmosphere. There would be gatherings of families and friends, sharing happy stories with the banquet. But I would imagine it would be very different for these children in Vietnam.

We often forget how blessed we are with unlimited opportunities that surround us, not because we are any better than those children. But we were fortunate enough to be born in the families of Ex-Ryu community. We have everything that those children would dream of; families, food, decent clothing, home, friends, solid educations… you name it. Most of what we consider to be ordinary things to have.

This New Year, the Ex-Ryu community is calling us to be part in a fund raise to provide small New Year gifts to those children affected by the typhoons in Vietnam. As children of Ex-Ryu families, I believe that we have something to offer. I understand that money does not solve all the problems or even measure up to their longings for their family members. But a small donation in our eyes can create amazing things, perhaps even bringing joyful smiles on their face. More specifically, for example, US$20 can support a child’s education for a month. 

I am writing this letter not as a guilt trip devise to make you feel obliged to donate, but as a reminder of how blessed we are. And if you do in fact share this view, please also share our joys of New Year to these children in Vietnam this coming New Year.

Yours sincerely,

Fellow 2nd generation of Ex-Ryu