My father has been gone for 10 years, until this day I still cannot hold back my tears anytime I read his poems...... 

In loving memory of my father ..



Adieux au ciel et à la terre,
Adieux aux amis, à mes belles,
À ma femme, à mes enfants,
À tous ceux-là qui font mon bonheur
Adieux même aux femmes qui me haïssent.
À la nature, à la belle atmosphère
Au printemps, aux fleurs,
Aux amours, aux larmes amères
Que versent les amantes,
Celles-là qui m'aiment,
Et aussi celles-là qui me haïssent.
Hélas, je suis seul à m'en aller
Puisque mes jours sont comptés
Ils sont trop lourds à porter
Pour le dos déjà voûté,


We were separated in the darkness of midnight
No hands waved on the beach;
Fear and panic took me away!
I looked back hundreds of times.
Didn't see my mother's face washed in tears
But her image followed me always.
My father died three months after I left,
Came and visited me every night.
Even thousands of mountains between us bow down;
I couldn't see them anymore in my life!


Tomorrow, I shall close my eyes;
Please come to see me.
Thy last teardrop
Will be kept in the depth of my heart.
Oh! Dear love! Love me.
Always anxious about thee
Loving thee constantly
All my life during until
My last breathe unceasingly

B.T. (1923-1994)